Hacking Community Sees New Venture in the Vita

 Hacking Community Sees New Venture in the Vita

For those interested in running (genuine) homebrew or hacking devices, a hacker calling them-self Yifan Lu has supposedly made a slight break-through with running bypassing the Vita’s security measures. This could see a huge community of hackers gathering to actively begin developing homebrew applications on the system, much like the PSP.

Of course, the dark side to this is the lead to piracy, which was also a rampant problem for both the PSP and DS.

So far Yifan Lu claims to have some code developed for the Vita, however they’ve smartly not shared their methods at this point. This could be in case Sony catches wind and decides to patch it.

What do you think? Are you all for homebrew development for consoles, or do you find it doing more bad than good in the long run? Hit us up below or chat in our forums.

Source: NeoGaf

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