Double Dragon: Neon’s Soundtrack Will Feature Members of the Dev Team on Vocals


The folks over at Game Informer recently sat down with composer Jake Kaufman from Wayforward Technologies to talk about his work on upcoming 2D brawler, Double Dragon: Neon. Much like the rest of the game, Kaufman’s soundtrack will be an 80s throwback. Many of the tracks will even have vocals, and their source may surprise you, they’re actually provided by Wayforward employees.

Kaufman provides the example of “Firebird“, which is performed by level designer Jeff Luke who is also the voice actor who plays the games protagonists Jimmy and Billy. “… in my mind, Billy and Jimmy have started several different bands over the years, trying to strike it big as rock stars. This is the result of their efforts.”

Those familiar with Wayforward’s last downloadable on consoles, BloodRayne Betrayal, will be familiar with artist and designer Jessie Seely, as she played the titular Rayne. She plays Linda in Double Dragon: Neon and also provides the vocals for the track “Neon Utopia”. Certainly a multi-talented bunch of people working over at Warforward!

You can check out the rest of the interview excerpt over on Game Informer’s website, or check out the full thing in the latest issue. Are you excited to head back to the 80s for some Double Dragon? Let us know in the comments.

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