Missed Halo at PAX Prime? Catch the Halo 4 Reborn Panel In Its Entirety


343 Industries has released the entire Halo 4 Reborn panel for those of us who weren’t at PAX Prime for all of the Halo 4 coverage. Of course, the majority of the news and videos have already been released but for mega-fans, this will provide some more context from the developers themselves. David Ellis, spartan ops designer; Kiki Wolfkill, executive producer; Josh Holmes, franchise creative director; Kenneth Scott, art director; and Kevin Franklin, lead war games designer, take you behind the scenes of the studio in Seattle and give out all kinds of juicy information.

The panel runs around 50 minutes so you will need a good chunk of time to set aside if you wish to catch everything. Oddball, Grifball, and CTF alike all receive major overhauls, the likes of which only this video can truly help you understand.

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