Kojima Shows Younger Snake in Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes Image


It’s difficult to not get all giddy about the prospect of a new Metal Gear game, but one big question was continually asked after the fantastic first trailer for Ground Zeroes: Why does Snake have gray hair again?

Thanksfully, our good buddy and fine developer, Hideo Kojima, has shed a little bit of light on the whole situation. Actually, “light” explains Snake’s tinted hair pretty well.

It may look gray, but a supplementary image shows a much clearer picture of which Snake we can expect to play in the final game.

There you have it. We can all expect to explore the new, open-world setting without worrying about breaking Snake’s hip or yearning for a hot bowl of cream of wheat.

So, were you all that worried about playing as Old Snake again? Are you still excited for Ground Zeroes? Let us know what you think about the image in the comments!

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