Insomniac’s Fuse Teases us in a new Trailer

 Insomniac’s Fuse Teases us in a new Trailer

We haven’t heard much on Insomniac’s latest game but what was once called Overstrike is now Fuse as they announced at PAX this past weekend. It’s gotten an overhaul and we have a new teaser to show off…what little we know of the game.

The teaser plays a mission briefing where Washington, DC asks about a contact team to help out. Not purely for saving the world but for damage control which could mean anything from getting rid of enemies on scene to buying a new birthday cake after the first one was ruined. It’s probably not the latter but you never know right? They could be teasing at any kind of damage control.

One thing to note is the agents are part of the “Overstrike Agent Database” in the teaser. Maybe that part’s still intact? What do you think about this teaser? Not much to talk about but could be hinting at cool stuff? Let us know in the comments or forums.

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