Harmonix Makes Rock Band Blitz Coin Economy Tweaks

 Harmonix Makes Rock Band Blitz Coin Economy Tweaks

Those who’ve been playing Rock Band Blitz since day one are well aware that the coin situation can be kind of wonky. Sometimes you wouldn’t get aptly rewarded while other times your abilities would simply disappear. In response to user feedback, Harmonix has made a couple of changes which basically boil down to earning more coins per song. The complete list of changes is as follows:

  • Cost of Power-ups:
    • Overdrive Power-ups: 250 coins per use
    • Note Power-ups: 200 coins per use.
    • Track Power-ups: 100 coins per use.
    • (note: it now only costs 550 coins for a full Power-up loadout!)
  • Song Performance Coin Rewards:
    • At the end of a song, you now get 100 Coins per Star across the board.
  • Score Wars:
    • Winners of Score Wars will now be receiving 1500 coins at completion.
    • Losers of Score Wars will now be receiving 500 coins at completion.

How have you enjoyed the switch to controller? More importantly what scheme do you use when you play? I’ve found them to be vastly different, each with their own pros and cons. Feel free to brag about your leaderboard rankings.

Want to know more about the game before you purchase? Check out our review.

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