Get a look inside Dishonored from its first Developer Documentary


Dishonored is certainly one of the newest IPs to come out this year and we’ve covered everything from achievements to screenshots. But how do we know what went into this game? Bethesda has released part 1 of their Arkane Studios’ developer documentary.

You’ll see the team at Arkane Studios (with people who’ve worked on the Thief series and Arx Fatallis) reveal that they wanted a First-Person game where you play a supernatural assassin named Corvo. They also go into the plot and how the entire game begins with you exiting a prison and trying to find revenge. Corvo has a multitude of moves and Arkane really wants any type of player to play this game whether they go in the action route or stay stealthy.

Check out the entire documentary above and how stoked are you for this game? Excited to posses a rat? Let us know if you want to in the comments or forums.

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