God of War: Ascension Trailer Brings The Furies into the Mix

During a panel at last weekend’s PAX Prime, the central enemy group that Kratos will have to angrily combat in God of War: Ascension was revealed.

Say hello to The Furies, a trio of deities bound to hell. Since Kratos broke a contract with the group that once connected his life Ares’, the spider-like creatures now hunt our “hero” with intent to kill. They aren’t exactly nice looking people, and I think you’ll agree with us after watching the below teaser.

[youtube id=”Wtbi2-FDCKY” width=”620″ height=”360″]


Now that you’ve seen them, what do you think about The Furies? Do they increase your interest in Ascension? Let us know what you think about this PS3 exclusive below.

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