‘Resident Evil 6’ Seeing Online-Enabled Demo This Month

 ‘Resident Evil 6’ Seeing Online-Enabled Demo This Month

Guys, it’s finally September. That means the leaves are changing color, the dry summer air is beginning to cool and Pumpkin Spice Lattes are back in our lives. Oh, and you’ll be able to jump into the Resident Evil 6 demo on XBLA and PSN in a few weeks, too.

This cooperative tale of the undead has seen mixed reception at almost every event held this year, but it’ll be your turn to take a stance on September 18. Capcom announced that the demo will contain content from the Chris, Leon, and Jake scenarios, with online co-op also being available. That’s a pretty hefty vertical slice, and with the final product hitting retailers on October 2, it should do well to satisfy your current zombie urges.

It may not be an autumn-infused coffee drink, but do you plan on downloading Resident Evil 6? Do you think it’ll be one of the biggest and best games of the year? Sound off with you thoughts in the comments below.

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