SEGA Renews Skies of Arcadia Trademark

 SEGA Renews Skies of Arcadia Trademark

A NeoGAF user has found a bit of news that should get Dreamcast fans a little happy in the pants: the trademark for fan-favourite Skies of Arcadia has been renewed. This news could very well point towards an HD re-release, or perhaps even a downloadable release on XBLA/PSN/eShop.

Skies of Arcadia is an RPG synonymous with SEGA’s final home console, the Dreamcast. Also seeing a GameCube port, the game has garnered quite the following among RPG fans for its memorable characters, charming visual design and engrossing story. Since the original’s launch in 2000 (and the GameCube port coming out in 2002), it also received an enhanced edition subtitled Legends in 2003 on the GC that included some technical and visual upgrades, along with extra content.

No other details have been given regarding the trademark renewal, but you can bet we’ll be following this.

Are excited about possibly boarding an airship back to Arcadia? Or even experiencing it for the first time? Let us know below or fly to our forums.

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