ZombiU Buckingham Palace Escape Gameplay Emerges

 ZombiU Buckingham Palace Escape Gameplay Emerges

Mature games and Nintendo consoles haven’t exactly had the best relationship over the past few years, but Ubisoft’s ZombiU is looking to break that mold by bringing engaging, first-person combat to the Wii U at launch. Sure, developers have promised to deliver guts and gore to the family-friendly Wii in the past, but the below gameplay video of the ominous Buckingham Palace is difficult to not at least be a little impressed by.

What we haven’t really seen yet of ZombiU is just how scary the final product will be, but the time-sensitive instances that require players to interact with their GamePad right in the middle of a zombie horde have us shaking in our figurative boots. The subtle musical score that’s instantly drowned out by cries of the undead contribute to the dark atmosphere, too. It just sounds terrifying, and with a crisp-yet-dark aesthetic, ZombiU is looking to be a “treat” for all the senses.

[youtube id=”K5nLYxRw_pI” width=”620″ height=”360″]

Expect to plunge into this palace, as well as a variety of other locations, this holiday season.

So, we don’t know the price or date of the Wii U quite yet, but any interest in Ubisoft’s zombie title? Do you think it’ll be more than just another game with guns and slow-moving targets? Sound off either below or in our forums!

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