New Halo 4 CTF Gameplay and Screenshots

 New Halo 4 CTF Gameplay and Screenshots

We’re all excited forĀ Halo 4, and we know you are too. So here’s a little something that should brighten your day, more multiplayer gameplay. This time you’re going to get a quick look at Capture the Flag on Exile, a map that’s just been revealed at PAX Prime. Included is a new medal for assassinating someone with a flag, flagsassination, our first look at the Scorpion and the Gauss Hog, as well as…well…we’re not exactly sure what it is. It looks like a mini deathball from Forge, but nothing has been confirmed as of yet. See for yourself!

We also have some new screenshots for your viewing pleasure. Looks like the ODST helmet is making a return!

Make sure to come share your thoughts on what exactly that glowing ball is.

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