Insomniac’s ‘Overstrike’ Receiving Overhaul, Now Titled ‘Fuse’

 Insomniac’s ‘Overstrike’ Receiving Overhaul, Now Titled ‘Fuse’

Ted Price, an Insomniac co-founder and all-around swell guy, announced to the world during his PAX keynote that his team is working on a new intellectual property named Fuse.

Well, “new” may not be the right word for it. If you think back to E3 2011, Insomniac revealed a four-player, multiplatform shooter named Overstrike at the EA press conference. It got plenty of love from both fans and the media, but sadly, we’ve heard little about the cooperative title since then.

The reason for that, according to Game Informer, is that the game is being reworked. What was once Overstrike is now Fuse,  and while we have little more than the above image to go on, a countdown clock that expires September 12 should explain the whole situation. At least, we hope so.

Did you forget about Insomniac’s Overstrike? Do you think Fuse is a better, or worse name? Let us know by either leaving a comment or heading over to the forums.

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