Torchlight II Finally Gets Release Date


In a sort of pre-announcement, Runic Games has finally revealed the release date for its upcoming action-RPG, Torchlight II. To completely kill the suspense, that release date is Thursday, September 20, 2012.

Though the official announcement will be made today at Pax Prime, Runic’s pre-announcement comes on their gaming forum, as a first-word message to its supporters.

Torchlight II is a third-person action-RPG that features randomly generated dungeons, stocked with a variety of monsters and creatures to battle. The sequel will maintain the basic style of its predecessor, but will have a bigger world, a longer campaign, and will include expanded mod capabilities. Players can choose between four new customizable classes–the Engineer, the Outlander, the Berserker, and the Embermage.

Also new to Torchlight II is co-op multiplayer, in response to its fans’ pleas. It has not yet been made clear how many players will be allowed in a single game, but the word on the street is that groups of two-to-six players provide the best gameplay experience.

Torchlight II will launch on PC this September. Readers, will you be picking up a copy?

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