‘Escape Mode’ Added to Aliens: Colonial Marines


A new multiplayer feature titled “Escape Mode” was just announced for Gearbox Software’s Aliens: Colonial Marines, and if you’re attending this weekend’s PAX, you’ll be lucky enough to get a first look at it.

Both a competitive and cooperative experience, “Escape Mode” will pit a team of ravenous Xenomorphs against four Colonial Marines. The soldier’s only goal will be to escape whatever locations they’re thrown into, while the Aliens just do what they do best: hunt their prey.

Of course, the marines can fight back, but spending a bunch of time shooting the pursuers makes it even more difficult to reach the exit in a timely fashion. There will have to be a good mix of running and gunning, but the perfect balance may take some serious play time to discover.

Thankfully, a whole bunch of gamers will get a chance to give Aliens: Colonial Marines a try this weekend at PAX Prime. But, does either the multiplayer or single player of this game actually interest you? Sound off below!

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