Gearbox has “A Few Things Going” for Next-Gen

 Gearbox has “A Few Things Going” for Next-Gen

Randy Pitchford, president of Gearbox Studios and mastermind behindĀ Borderlands, recently spoke briefly about the developer’s plans for the next generation of consoles.

Speaking to Gamasutra, Pitchford clearly knew how to sidestep accidental information leaks, divulging little more than sparse references to “more power” that the next generation has, and his excitement to move forward with the new features of future consoles. Pitchford did say, however, that Gearbox has “a few things going on right now that we haven’t talked about,” and stated that he had no interest in “gimmicks.”

It’s an interesting view, and a rather singular one–in a gaming climate where probably about a third or more of games have motion control shoehorned in, Pitchford refuses to integrate the mechanic in any game where it would make more sense to press a button.

Perhaps the most interesting thing Pitchford said was that manufacturers are looking for new solutions on “interfaces and feedback.” Pitchford briefly alluded to the future of motion control, but also seems evident that something else is on the horizon.

What do think is coming up next? Sound off in the comments, or discuss your hopes for Gearbox’s potential reinventions in out forums!

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