Get An In-Depth Look At Assassin’s Creed III’s All New Naval Combat


Naval combat is an all new feature coming to the Assassin’s Creed series this fall. Announced at E3, the new system will not only have you waging war against enemy ships, but also against the sea itself. With a dynamic weather system, epic battles, and a vast amount of mission variety ranging from minefields to fort assaults, this is one feature you’re not going to want to miss. Alex Hutchinson, creative director on the game gives you a quick run through of some of the highlights below.

It’s worth noting that the Playstation 3 version of the game is said to ship with 60 minutes of exclusive content so you may want to think before you decide which platform you want to play it on

Utilizing the new Anvil Next engine, ACIII launches on October 30. Get hyped for the multiplayer with the rest of us on our forums!

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