Simple Method to Bring All PSOne Classics to Vita Discovered

 Simple Method to Bring All PSOne Classics to Vita Discovered

Yesterday’s firmware update for the PlayStation Vita finally gave the powerhouse-handheld the ability to display PSOne Classics (a feature already available on the PlayStation 3). But there is a catch: only nine titles are currently available for download on the Vita, and while this would normally be the right time to grumble and stomp your feet, a helpful YouTube user discovered a method to add far more games to your portable collection.

Our new buddy, FistFullofPotions, has learned that by downloading PSOne games to a PlayStation 3, leaving them uninstalled and then transferring them to a Vita, every title currently available on the store can be moved to the smaller screen.

[youtube id=”2YUhf_4P7vU” width=”620″ height=”360″]

Is there a downside? Well, possibly. The reason Sony hasn’t move every game under the sun to the Vita is because the bulk of them haven’t been quality tested, so it’s possible that your experience may not be perfect. The more time Sony has to play these games, the more we’ll start seeing them available for download. That being said, this “underground” method seems to be working out just fine for now.

If you gave this technique a try, did it work for you? Any games you’ve just been waiting months for to play on Vita? Let us know if this video helped you out in the comments below!

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