Rumor: Wii U Release Date Leaked

 Rumor: Wii U Release Date Leaked

Gaming accessory maker Performance Designed Products may have accidentally let slip the release date for the Wii U, blurting that the console is set for a November 18 release during a GameStop manager’s conference.

Since yesterday afternoon, the story has gotten quite convoluted. As Kotaku reports, PDP officials have since attempted to cover their apparent leak by clarifying that the November 18 date corresponds to accessories, and not necessarily the console itself, saying that they “cannot confirm or deny” any release dates that don’t come directly from Nintendo. However, a source at the event claims that PDP specifically mentioned the “Wii U’s November 18 release date.” Now everyone is claiming different things, but this certainly seems like someone jumped the gun and the release date is not far off from the alleged date.

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