Gears of War: Judgment Gameplay Videos Show Off New Bolt Action Rifle

 Gears of War: Judgment Gameplay Videos Show Off New Bolt Action Rifle

Some gameplay videos of Gears of War Judgment have emerged from PAX Prime. Included in the footage are the recently announced COG v. COG free-for-all action, a new bolt action rifle called the Breechshot, and glowing armor. It looks almost identical to Gears of War 3’s gameplay minus some aesthetics and more risky features. However, what the team does add is sure to make the game much different from how Epic has presented it in the past.

Also revealed was the map in which this gameplay takes place, Gondola, which features moving gondolas, as you’d imagine.

GONDOLA — The Coastal Villa Apartments are part of the exclusive Halvo community located in the prestigious Agora foothills. Residents enjoy a host of interior upgrades, and each unit features an ocean view from a private patio or balcony. This quiet, gated community is located only a short gondola ride from the renowned shops and businesses of our active and thriving coastal community.

People Can Fly has previously detailed the new OverRun mode which pits human-controlled Locusts against human-controlled COGS for the first time in franchise history. Judgment launches exclusively on Xbox 360 on March 13, 2013.

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