UPDATE: Prey 2’s Development Halted According to Bethesda

 UPDATE: Prey 2’s Development Halted According to Bethesda

Update: Pete Hines corrected himself over Twitter by saying it was mistranslation and not cancelled currently.

Remember Prey 2‘s fantastic demo from E3 2011? It looked like a fantastic FPS with lots of neat RPG elements and a gritty sci-fi feeling look. Prepare to get a little bummed out if you wanted the ultimate bounty hunter game. IGN recently had an interview with Pete Hines, VP of Marketing for Bethesda, talking about their upcoming lineup. It was heavily rumored and removed from their games lineup but he confirmed that Prey 2 has been kicked to the curb and halted. According to Pete Hines, it all came down to the work:

I can be very brief and clear. At one we looked Prey 2 and we decided that the game in this state, with all the money, time and resources that we have had stung, did not meet our expectations. Then we decided to stop by our side.

The even bigger shame is the game you witnessed was developed by Human Head Studios while Bethesda owns the license. So while Human Head could take the game to another publisher, The Prey 2 that was witnessed might be a completely different game whenever it’s released if it happens. Hines also added:

It was hard, but at that moment the right decision for business. Such choices are never fun to make. It is terribly unfortunate.

It really is a bummer that we may never see this game but if True Crime: Hong Kong can become Sleeping Dogs, it could be resurrected as Space Bounty Hunter or something way better sounding. What do you all think about this cancellation? Huge bummer or over-ambitious for its own good? Let us know in the comments below or the forums.

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