Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition Texture Packs and Servers To Be Discussed After 1.8.2


Over their Twitter account, 4J Studios continues to answer fan’s questions about Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition‘s upcoming features. They’ve already clarified that 1.8.2 is still “many weeks away,” leaving many to wonder what will come next.

Many are still looking for features that initially appeared to be exclusive to the PC version of the game including skins (which were recently added), texture packs, and servers. The developers have repeatedly stated that they’re not ruling any feature out, but doesn’t often give time frames. However, they’ve recently given us a better idea of what we should expect.

As for servers, they still haven’t confirmed that it will be an upcoming feature, but they also haven’t said that it’s impossible. This is probably one of the most desired additions to the game due to the lack of a consistent world, but I wouldn’t get my hopes up any time soon.

Looking to get your questions answered? Send a tweet to 4J on Twitter. In the mean time, head to the forums and share your creations with our awesome community!

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