Lollipop Chainsaw Ships 700,000 Units Making It Grasshopper’s Biggest Hit


Who knew a scantily-clad cheerleader with a chainsaw and her boyfriend’s head hanging by her side would be so successful? It already sounds like a hit and by the looks of how well it did compared to previous titles from the studio, it’s their biggest one yet. Suda 51 had a “Summer Appreciation Event” in Tokyo, announcing that Lollipop Chainsaw has shipped 700,000 units.

This is welcoming news for the studio who’s been making cult hits for gamers who enjoy a certain niche. The last successful release would have been the original No More Heroes at 200,000 units in 2008. Last year’s Shadows of the Damned wasn’t too much of a hit with only 24,000 units sold which is a bummer considering how weird and unique that game was.

Suda 51 also showed off a new trailer for Killer is Dead which hasn’t been released into the wild just yet. You play a cyborg ninja so already, it sounds great conceptually like all of Suda’s games. Look forward to it next year.

How do you feel about Lollipop Chainsaw’s success? Was it the chainsaw with hearts that did it or was it the awesome combo system? Let us know in the comments or the forums.

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