Capcom Releases Action-Packed Resident Evil 6 Gameplay from Gamescom

For those of us unable to attend Gamescom 2012, Capcom has been nice enough to post a video of some of the Resident Evil 6 gameplay they were showing off at the event.

The demo in question comes from the Jake and Sherry campaign of the game, just one of  4 campaigns in the sixth iteration of the zombie-survival franchise. It kicks off with a candid conversation between the two, in which Sherry fills Jake in on her past. They’re rudely interrupted by some B.O.W.’s (bio organic weapons) and to make matters worth  the ensuing battle is then broken up by an avalanche. Jake and Sherry jump on a couple of snow-mobiles to make their escape.

While dark (maybe not in tone but in terms of lighting for sure) and self-serious the clip certainly shows off the more action-orientated nature of Resident Evil 6.

[youtube id=”ye-xnWiK0ZQ” width=”620″ height=”360″]

Are you a fan of the direction the Resident Evil franchise has taken? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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