UPDATE: This Teaser Site Doesn’t Point to World Ends With You Sequel

 UPDATE: This Teaser Site Doesn’t Point to World Ends With You Sequel

There’s a sort of dark allure to countdown websites, particularly one in which the actual purpose isn’t immediately evident. Such is the case with a mysterious new teaser site from Square Enix, counting down to… something.

The most popular rumor is that this is a potential sequel to 2008’s popular DS action/RPG The World Ends With You. Several signs point to this: firstly, the site credits character design to Tetsuya Nomura and Gen Kobayashi, who worked on the art for the original game. One of the biggest giveways, however (and one that had to be pointed out to me for me to notice), is the fact that the site’s URL contains the terms “subaseka,” a shortened version of the furigana (phonetic) spelling of the original game’s Japanese title. According to Joystiq, setting the computer’s clock ahead one day at a time “tricks” the site into unlocking more music (which is from the first game’s soundtrack) and making the silhouette in the background more clearly defined outline of Shibuya, the city in which the game is set.

The clues definitely seem to point to a World Ends With You property, but Japan’s propensity to milk franchises through every conceivable medium means that this could be anything. I never played the original game, but I hear it’s good. Excited for another visit to Shibuya? Let us know in the comments, or discuss what you’d like to see in another installment in the forums!

UPDATE: As it turns out, The World Ends With You teaser ends with you learning that The World Ends With You is coming to iOS. To be fair, it adds some extra features, but it’s hard to get excited for a port when so much hype had been leading up to it.

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