RUMOR: Black Ops II’s Zombie Mode Being Detailed Next Week

 RUMOR: Black Ops II’s Zombie Mode Being Detailed Next Week

A slew of information has been dropped about Black Ops II since its initial reveal, but we currently know little about the highly anticipated Zombie mode. According to the game’s Twitter page, though, that’s all about to change soon.

A Tweet simply stating, “Something’s coming…..” came out of developer Treyarch yesterday, and while the message may seem pretty cryptic on its own, the below image that was attached to the post is what leads us to think this is all about Zombies.

We don’t know about you, but the bloody hand print just reeks of the undead. We’ve heard that a four vs. four, competitive take on the mode is a possibility, but with PAX Prime just around the corner, expect an absolute information blowout. Maybe, if we’re lucky, the game will even be playable.

The new zombies mode has been rumored to feature competitive multiplayer aspects.  Games that involve two teams, four vs four, that are fighting for both score and survival are among those in the rumor mill.  Many gamers are expecting to hear that score streaks and other features from the traditional multiplayer mode are on their way as well.

Any other ideas on what the image means? Do you think we’ll get to see Zombies in action? How are you feeling about the Black Ops 2 information revealed so far?  Just let us know by posting in the comments below, or discuss Black Ops 2 in our forums.

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