Chaos Reigns in The Latest Primal Carnage Trailer

 Chaos Reigns in The Latest Primal Carnage Trailer

Primal Carnage, an “asymmetrical online-multiplayer class-based game” from the indie devs at Lukewarm Media, has been creating quite a bit of buzz lately. The game pits humans against dinosaurs in a childhood fantasy gone awry, and on top of this surface layer flash, it actually looks like a pretty deep shooter.

Humans are designed similarly to TF2 and other class-based shooters, with each archetype wielding a select few unique weapons. But the real attractions are obviously the dinosaurs. Strategies for each differ just as dramatically as you’d expect, with Pteranodons flying high above the battlefield, T-rexs charging through flocks of enemies, Raptors leaping everywhere, etc. Lukewarm has been slowly releasing videos displaying the unique factors of each class, and the latest one let loose shows off the Raptor and Trapper. Check it out below.


While the raptor may be an agile killer, the Trapper can just as easily incapasitate them with a single shot. And it’s this rock-paper-scissors style of gameplay that makes Primal Carnage look like more than just another shooter. If any of this interests you, be sure to sign up for the beta. What do you think of Primal Carnage so far? Let us know in the comments below, or head over to the Stick Skills forums.

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