RUMOR: PlayStation 4 to Display at 4K Resolution

 RUMOR: PlayStation 4 to Display at 4K Resolution

With the upcoming release of Sony’s 80″ 4K television, rumors are circulating that 4K resolution might be this generation’s Blu-Ray.

In case you have no idea what I’m talking about, 4K resolution is essentially four times “bigger” than HD (1080p). In the same way that Apple’s latest iPad introduced the retina display, which eliminates all visual detection of pixel density, 4K displays images at a resolution that makes it impossible for your eye to differentiate between pixels, even at point-blank range. 4K pictures are sharper, clearer, and more beautiful than ever before (aside from 8 and 16k, of course).

If these rumors end up being true, Sony could have a huge leg up on its competition. As the only console with 4K technology, the PlayStation 4 will have a gimmick much like its predecessor did with Blu-Ray. Since 3D didn’t sell quite as well as the company would have liked, support for 4K movies and gaming could be just the gimmick the PS4 needs to win the sales race when the next generation of consoles hits stores.

What do you think? Is 4K resolution enough  for you to consider a PS4 over another console in the future? Or is it too early to tell? Let us know in the comments below or over in the forums.


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