Wii U’s Miiverse to be a Gaming Social Network

 Wii U’s Miiverse to be a Gaming Social Network

An interview between Kotaku and Nintendo head-honcho Satoru Iwata has shed some more light on what Miiverse will mean to gamers who jump into the Wii U. According to Iwata, Miiverse is being specially tailored to connect all players into their own gaming social network, not unlike Facebook. Whereas Facebook is all about connecting friends and family with photos, videos and other media, Miiverse will revolve around connecting people via their gaming experiences – both in mulitplayer and singleplayer.

Miiverse also won’t be exclusive to the Wii U either. According Iwata, the network will eventually spread to the 3DS, allowing players to communicate while on the go.

Though there have been a number of social networks regarding video games (Raptr, GamerDNA and Ugame to name a few), this will mark the first to be fully integrated into a console that will be supported by the games on its platform.

Arguments could be made that Xbox Live, Steam and PlayStation Network already have socially networked elements. However with a brand like Nintendo whose reputation (or to some, perhaps stigmatised) consists of being family friendly, there is also the risk of jumping online and being immediately met with explicit homophobia, racism and other unfavourable experiences. Miiverse hopes to rectify that by connecting players by their gaming interests and friends, and creating an environment that can attract everybody rather than just a more hardcore demographic.

For more on this interview regarding Miiverse, check out the Kotaku article.

What do you think of a fully integrated social network on a gaming platform? Do you think Nintendo can pull it off? Let us know below or join the conversation in our forum.

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