Psychonauts Entering PSN’s Mind Next Week

 Psychonauts Entering PSN’s Mind Next Week

Psychonauts, Double Fine’s first and possibly even finest game, will finally be making its way to the PlayStation Network next week as a PS2 Classic.

It may not have been a commercial success back in 2005, but this platformer has gathered quite an impressive following over the years due to its fantastic writing and unique sense of style. The concept of a young psychic bringing down a conspiracy by entering the minds of dangerous men may not seem like something a whole bunch of people would get behind, but developer Tim Schafer just has a knack for creative memorable and fun games. If you’ve enjoyed Double Fine’s recent work, such as Iron Brigade or Costume Quest, that really won’t mean a thing since this is nothing like either of those titles. But, you’ll still love Psychonauts, because it’s just a damn fine game.

Any plans on picking this game up next week when it lands on the Network? Did you get a chance to play it on the PS2? Express yourself down in the comments, or be an even cooler person and talk up the forums.

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