Molyneux’s First Post-Fable Project Delayed & Renamed

 Molyneux’s First Post-Fable Project Delayed & Renamed

Peter Molyneux, one of the leading creative minds behind the Fable series, was forced to both delay the release of his first project with new studio 22 Cans, as well as rename it.

The social experiment, previously titled Curiosity, will now be experienced in September.

Sadly, NASA’s Mars rover, also named Curiosity, forced even more sudden changes. A new title is required, so Molyneux and his team are hard at work brainstorming, with the help of their fans, new names.

What exactly is the game? Well, players will buy chisels ranging from cheap, flimsy tools to a diamond coated item  in order to dig away at a single cube. What’s inside the giant, present-like box? Only help from other players will allow that mystery to reveal itself, but it’s only the person who registers the final tap that will be rewarded with the prize. The “game” will be used as a social experiment and feedback gathered from it will be applied to 22 Cans’ first game.

[youtube id=”b72HoQSQmEk” width=”620″ height=”360″]

Do you have an interest in this bold project? If so, what do you think the game should be called? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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