Become a Student of Stealth With This New Dishonored Trailer

 Become a Student of Stealth With This New Dishonored Trailer

We’re getting closer and closer to the October 9th release of Arkane Studio’s Dishonored. The game promises to be filled death and betrayal, and as such, being a sneaky bastard is going to be quite important. This is explained in the latest trailer, which talks about the finer details of the stealth system.

As can be expected, enemies will have a predetermined line-of-sight, and certain powers will even allow you to see this distinct cone. But, players will have a few tricks to give themselves the advantage. Candles can be extinguished, creating more shadows to hide in, and affecting guards peripheral vision. Sound can be used to distract enemies, or if you’re not careful, it could alert them of your presence. Overall, it’s what you’d expect from some good old-fashioned first-person stealth.

As we inch toward Dishonored’s release, what do you think of it? Do you see yourself being a silent killer, or do you tend to run in guns blazing? Let us know below, or sneak over to our forums and speak your mind.

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