They Bleed Pixels Lets Blood Run Through Steam on August 29


Just announced last week that the previously XBLIG turned Steam release title They Bleed Pixels would be coming out sometime soon. It’s so soon, it’s like…next week. Spooky Squid Games announced in a press release this morning that the game would be out on Wednesday, August 29.

To celebrate the occasion, they’ve announced a great line of guest artists from the gaming and comic world to do art pieces. In addition, you can pick up the fantastic soundtrack done by Electric Playground/Reviews on the Run host Shaun Hatton aka DJ Finish Him at his Bandcamp page for 5 dollars. Be warned, you will dance like crazy and jive.

Check out the trailer above for some new gameplay in their Countdown to Launch trailer. How do you feel about the game? Super into difficult platformers that’ll make you yell? Or are your hands scared at what they’re seeing? Let us know in the forums or comments below.

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