Super Meat Boy Developer Bundle Set for August 31 Steam Release

 Super Meat Boy Developer Bundle Set for August 31 Steam Release

I have a bit of a bias toward Edmund McMillen, one of the halves of Team Meat: I like Super Meat Boy, and I absolutely love The Binding of Isaac, which is why the announcement of a bundle of some of his older games is extremely exciting.

The Basement Collection is a bundle of some of McMillen’s earlier work, including Time Fcuk, Spewer, Triachnid, Coil, Grey Matter, and the original Meat Boy. There are also two games that have not yet been announced, though one of them will receive a full update across the board. This is in addition to considerable updates to the other games. There will also be a few extras in the bundle, including cut footage from the hit documentary Indie Game: the Movie, concept footage, soundtracks, and bonus games. In true McMillen fashion, the bundle will be a mere $4, with the chance of a “fan discount”. My guess is that this discount will apply to people who have purchased The Binding of Isaac, maybe Super Meat Boy, and possibly early Meat game Gish, though I would also hypothesize that Gish may be one of the secret games.

Team Meat, and especially McMillen, do not mess around when it comes to additional content and doing right by the fans. Are you a fan of any of these games? Will you skip a Baconator and pick this up? Gush over Gish in our comments, or meet other Meat fans in our forums!

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