Madden NFL 13’s First Title Update Coming in September

 Madden NFL 13’s First Title Update Coming in September

One of the biggest criticism’s for Madden NFL 12 last year was the lack of updates provided by EA SPORTS.  Fans were promised extensive support, but essentially only received two title updates and never received the promised tuner set updates.

The development team behind Madden NFL 13 is looking to change that, and they’re making a strong step with the first title update next month.  According to Joystiq, fans will receive the first title update for Madden NFL 13 on September 11th.  While a date was confirmed, no details were given about what to expect in the patch.

“The team is absolutely committed to post-launch support, and we will make it a point to keep you updated on title updates, tuner sets, roster updates, new Madden Moments Live and more,” EA said in a statement to Joystiq. Providing the Madden team sticks to its goals, Madden 13 is likely to receive more post-launch support out of the gate than last year’s game had entirely.

It’s very likely that the feedback EA SPORTS have been gathering from their demo will make its way into the title update.  Complaints of dropped passes by receivers has been a rather large complaint at this point, but we fully expect EA to detail the title update in full within the next week.

Do you think EA SPORTS will provide more consistent support this year?  Be sure to let us know what you think by leaving us a comment below, or discuss Madden NFL 13 in our forums.

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