Official Achievements for Mark of the Ninja

 Official Achievements for Mark of the Ninja

What is it with guards going to investigate a dead body? If my buddy suddenly turned up dead, and it looked like he was killed by a ninja or some guy whose name rhymes with “Pam Disher”, I would turn around and run in the other direction. Hopefully the guards in Mark of the Ninja don’t do that, since one of the achievements has to do with luring them to their death. As always, this list is courtesy of the honorable folks at Xbox 360 Achievements.

Mark of the Ninja is a side-scrolling ninja stealth game that will be releasing on Xbox Live Arcade this summer, and is being developed by Klei, who worked on the Shank series. Interested now? I am.

Hisomu’s Heir (5 points)
Kill one guard.

Awakened (10 points)
Save Azai from the mercenaries.

The Mercenary (20 points)
Assassinate Kelly, the mercenary captain.

Karajan’s Fate (20 points)
Assassinate Karajan.

Escape (20 points)
Escape from the Stronghold.

Fated (40 points)
Determine your fate.

True Ninja (50 points)
Complete the game in New Game Plus.

Descendent of Iga (15 points)
Earn three stars in every level.

Perfection (15 points)
Earn all the Seals in every level.

Haiku (15 points)
Find all three scrolls in every level.

Marked (15 points)
Earn all the upgrades.

Mercy (10 points)
Complete a level without killing any guards.

Masterful (10 points)
Complete a level without getting detected.

Ghost (20 points)
Complete a level without killing any guards and without being detected.

Of The Mind (10 points)
Complete all of the challenge rooms.

Oni (10 points)
Terrorize 10 guards.

Manipulator (5 points)
Distract 25 guards using your equipment.

Trickster (5 points)
Distract 25 guards using environmental objects.

Stealth Assassin (5 points)
Perform 25 successful stealth kills.

Crimson Haiku (10 points)
Perform five different types of stealth kills successfully in one level.

Inner Heaven (5 points)
Kill a guard from inside the box.

The Dark Project (10 points)
Get the Undetected honor bonus 10 times in one level.

Things Better Left Unseen (10 points)
Throw the body of one guard to terrorize another.

Tactical Espionage Action (5 points)
Within a single Focus, aim and throw three different types of items.

No One Lives Forever (10 points)
Stealth kill an elite guard after stunning him.

Deadly Shadows (10 points)
Stealth kill a guard from inside a dumpster.

The Worst Allies (10 points)
Kill a guard by getting other guards to shoot them.

Unstable Footing (10 points)
Terrify a guard and cause him to stumble to his death.

Gallows (10 points)
Terrify a guard using the result of a hanging stealth kill five times.

Snare (10 points)
Use a dead body to lure another guard and then stealth kill them.

Going to pick this one up based on the list? Let us know in the comments!

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