‘Joe Danger 2: The Movie’ Cruising onto XBLA Very Soon

 ‘Joe Danger 2: The Movie’ Cruising onto XBLA Very Soon

Hello Games’ sequel to the downloadable darling Joe Danger is almost upon us. How do we know this? The game’s last hurdle is certification

The UK developer recently traveled to Germany to attend Gamescom, and while demoing the game, some information about its release and planned platforms was let loose.

“We’re pretty much complete,” Hello Games’ Sean Murray let Joystiq know. “We’re showing the full game here, and hopefully people like it. Hopefully that means we’re nearly finished.”

Certification isn’t exactly something that happens in a day, but as of now, September seems like a safe bet.

“The game is actually probably gonna come out in the next month or so. Something like that,” Murray said.

Murray didn’t go into detail about a possible PSN or PC version of Joe Danger 2: The Movie, but since the original released on all those platforms, it’s safe to say the game will expand its horizons in the future.

Joe Danger was fantastic, but what was your favorite feature in the game? Anything in particular you’re looking forward to in the sequel? Talk about it all in the comments below!

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