Star Beast Confirmed for Wii U eShop Release, More Sega Titles on the Way


With Nintendo’s Wii U slowly arriving over the horizon, people are still wondering just how relevant Wii U’s eShop will be among other online distributions. With the Wii’s disappointing support on its Shop Channel, people are wondering if Nintendo could compete with the likes of Steam, Xbox Live Marketplace, PlayStation Network and the App Store. Thankfully, there are publishers looking to distribute some titles to the eShop, and Sega have just revealed one called Star Beast.

However that’s not all they have in store (hurr, get it?); Not Enough Shaders’ Emily Rogers has revealed on Twitter that Sega will be making more eShop titles known soon, more specifically in the way of PSN/XBLA releases:

Sega is excited about Wii U’s digital distribution. Multiple XBLA/PSN games coming to Wii U. Sega will give official announcement soon.

Care to speculate as to what these mysterious titles may be? Sound off below or in our forum.

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