Rumor: Dragon Age III Info Leaked – Includes The Possibility of Multiplayer

 Rumor: Dragon Age III Info Leaked – Includes The Possibility of Multiplayer

According to multiple members of the BioWare Social forums the developer has been sending out surveys asking fans about concept art, story, and other things from Dragon Age III. The story supposedly takes place in Orlais which finds itself marred in civil war. The men and women of Ferelden are still trying to reclaim their home while the Chantry stands divided. The Templars and the Mages are at each others throats. At a gathering to try and keep the peace a blast decimates the Chantry’s leadership and plunges the world into chaos. From this comes the Inquisition and you an Inquisitor have a lot of work to do.

There are two possible stories according to a German member who said he experienced something slightly different.

“A portal between the worlds unleashes hords of demons in the land, civil wars rip apart nations and the corruption is limitless. Someone is behind the shadows, drawing the threads which destroy the world. Time has come for the Inquisition.

Take the Inquisitor’s cloak and lead the only force able of bringing light into the darkness. Choose the direct method and gather your armies, send spies into the shadows or engage in a political war, make friends and use your connections indirectly: it is up to you how you lead the inquisition. But you’ll have to take lead of it from the beginning. Make your player a rogue, warrior or mage and set up your crew from up to ten (!) complex companions to lead them against those who attack you by systematically spying on, revealing and destroying them.”

The same user also claims that he recalls questions which hint at the following features:

  • online/coop modus (really Bioware? Because that worked so well with ME3? :/ )
  • special finishing moves
  • a lot of crucial decisions
  • drama and suspense
  • player-controlled day/night modus
  • better party management
  • 4 companions at a time

[T]o make this clear, it wasn’t outright saying that those things were in the game, it was just hinting at it

Finally, the survey asked gamers to rate possible companions concept art, all of those images can be found in the gallery below.

What do you think of all these details? Yay or nay? Share below or in the forums!

Source [GAF]

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