Really Big Snake in ‘Resident Evil 6’ Gamescom Demo

 Really Big Snake in ‘Resident Evil 6’ Gamescom Demo

As if that headline didn’t tell you all you need to know.

In the following video, presented by Capcom at last week’s Gamescom conference, long-time Resident Evil protagonist Chris Redfield fights a giant snake in his latest adventure. Of course, “Chris 6.0” seems to be cheating when compared to his predecessors–he can actually move when using his weapon.

The video shows a number of other series changes as well. For instance, toward the end of the video, we see Chris crawl through tunnels and fight from the ground (a la Metal Gear Solid 4). One of the most exciting changes to the series, though not shown in this demo, is a new online mode called “Agent Hunt,” which allows players to become a monster (perhaps a big-ass snake) and intrude on other players’ games.

[youtube id=”VIqqqxVPGOc” width=”620″ height=”360″]

Resident Evil 6 will hit PS3 and Xbox 360 on October 2nd. Are you looking forward to serpentine battles like these? Or is all this moving-while-shooting stuff just too much for you to handle? A real gamer would let us know in the comments below, or join the conversation about RE6 over in our forums.

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