Official Achievements for Counter Strike: Global Offensive

 Official Achievements for Counter Strike: Global Offensive

With the majority of arcade games that release for Xbox Live you can usually earn all of the achievements within a month.  If you were planning on doing that with CS: GO this month, you may want to think again.

When CS: GO launches this week, you’ll need be ready to earn yourself quite a few achievements.  To prepare you for that achievement earning, we’ve gathered the official achievements for the game and listed them below.

God of War (70 points)
Kill 10,000 Enemies

Awardist (60 points)
Earn 100 awards

Points in Your Favor (15 points)
Inflict 2,500 total points of damage to enemies

War Bonds (20 points)
Earn $50,000 total cash

Rampage! (20 points)
Win an Arms Race match without dying

Battle Sight Zero (30 points)
Kill 250 enemies with headshots

Clean Sweep (60 points)
Kill the entire opposing team without any members of your team taking any damage

Repeat Offender (20 points)
Dominate an enemy

Expert Marksman (25 points)
Get a kill with every weapon

Magic Bullet (10 points)
Kill an enemy with the last bullet in your magazine (excluding sniper rifles and Zeus x27)

First Things First (30 points)
Personally kill the entire Terrorist team before the bomb is planted in Online Demolition Mode

King of the Kill (40 points)
Play 5,000 matches of Arms Race or Demolition mode

What do you think about the official achievements for the game?  Do you think you’ll be able to kill 10,000 enemies?  Be sure to let us know what you think by leaving us a comment below, or discuss Counter-Strike in our forums.

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