Dragon’s Dogma On Sale for Only $40 Today

 Dragon’s Dogma On Sale for Only $40 Today

Everyone loves to save money, right?  If you’ve been holding off on buying Dragon’s Dogma until a price drop came along then you’re in luck.  Why? Because Dragon’s Dogma has received $20 off of the normal price for today online.

Amazon is holding the sale for Dragon’s Dogma on both the Playstation 3 and the Xbox 360.  The game released to rather rave reviews, and has even been rumored to have a sequel in the works.

Not really sure of what the game’s about or just looking for more information about it?  We’ve included the description of the game below.

Dragon’s Dogma is an exciting new franchise which redefines the single player Action-RPG genre. Developed by the team that produced some of Capcom’s greatest action games, Dragon’s Dogma is set in a huge open world that offers exhilarating and fulfilling action combat game with the freedom to explore and interact in a rich, living and breathing world. Additional features include: classic RPG questing gameplay and classes, unique flexible party combat using trainable AI companions known as Pawns, extreme customization of player characters and party companions, Xbox LIVE integration that allows the sharing of Pawns, a dynamic in-game 24-hour day/night cycle, and post-launch downloadable content.

Don’t wait, secure your copy of Dragon’s Dogma today!  Be sure to let us know what you think by leaving us a comment below, or discuss Dragon’s Dogma in our forums.


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