Official Trophy List for Darksiders II

 Official Trophy List for Darksiders II

Let’s face it, the apocalypse would probably suck. However if you’re a bit of a trophy whore (like me) then you’re likely excited about chasing them despite the end of the world in the newly released Darksiders II. And even if trophies aren’t really your thing, you should probably still go play the game anyway.

The fine people of PS3 Trophies have compiled a list of trophies that you can find in the game, and here they are:

BFA (Platinum)
Unlock Everything

A Stroll In The Demonic Park (Silver)
Complete the game on any difficulty setting

Four My Brother (Gold)
Complete the game on NORMAL

A True Horseman (Gold)
Complete the game on APOCALYPTIC

The Secondary Adventure (Silver)
Complete all Secondary Quests

Grim Reaping (Bronze)
Unlock Reaper Form

Bravo Old Chap (Bronze)
Defeat Wicked K

Respec Yourself (Silver)
Your First Respec

Is There Anyone Else? (Silver)
Complete The Crucible

Abracadabra (Silver)
Open all Death Tombs

Feeding Time (Bronze)
Level Up Your 1st Possessed Weapon

Pay It Forward (Bronze)
Gift An Item To A Friend

Full Potential (Bronze)
Unlock All Combat Moves & Upgrades

Secret Trophies
Crow Carrion (Bronze)
Defeat the Crowfather

Dust to Dust (Bronze)
Defeat the Guardian

Clipped Wings (Bronze)
Defeat Archon

It’s Not Over (Bronze)
Defeat Samael

Soul Crushing (Bronze)
Defeat The Wailing Host

The Big Boss (Bronze)
Defeat Absalom

Pathfinder (Silver)
First use of Fast Travel

The Spectral Touch (Bronze)
Collect Deathgrip

I Can Has Cake? (Bronze)
Collect the Voidwalker

Tearing Time A New One (Bronze)
Collect the Phasewalker

Looks Familiar (Bronze)
Collect Redemption

Death Will Tear Us Apart (Bronze)
Collect the Soul Splitter

By Your Command (Bronze)
Collect the Interdiction Stone

The Triple Lindy (Bronze)
Complete 3 different high dives in the Foundry

Fire of the Mountain (Bronze)
Complete Fire of the Mountain

Tears of the Mountain (Bronze)
Complete Tears of the Mountain

Gnomad (Bronze)
Complete GnoMAD

To Move a Mountain (Bronze)
Complete To Move a Mountain

Heart of the Mountain (Bronze)
Complete Heart of the Mountain

Tree of Life (Bronze)
Complete Tree of Life

The Lord of Bones (Bronze)
Complete The Lord of Bones

The Toll of Kings (Bronze)
Complete The Toll of Kings

The Court of Bones (Bronze)
Defeat Basileus

The Book of the Dead (Bronze)
Complete The Book of the Dead

City of the Dead (Bronze)
Complete City of the Dead

The Root Of Corruption (Bronze)
Open The Well Of Souls

The Rod of Arafel (Bronze)
Complete The Rod of Arafel

Diamond Geezertron (Bronze)
Unlock the final skill in either skill tree

Mass Ruckus (Bronze)
Equip elite items to all slots

Stains of Heresy (Bronze)
Complete Stains of Heresy

The Mad Queen (Bronze)
Complete The Mad Queen

Lord of the Black Stone (Bronze)
Complete Lord of the Black Stone

Like a Noss (Bronze)
Defeat the four creatures named by Thane

Antiquing (Bronze)
Complete Lost Relics

I’ve Brought You A Gift (Bronze)
Defeat the Soul Arbiter

Epic! (Bronze)
Death Reaches Level 30

All You Can Eat Buffet (Bronze)
Complete Sticks and Stones

Will you be Platinuming Darksiders II? Let us know below or in the forums.

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