Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance Slices and Dices on February 19


Raiden thought everything was gonna be easy after the events from Metal Gear Solid 4 but dude was so wrong! Luckily, he’s still a cyber-soldier with a sword that can cut through anything. Developed by Platinum Games after Kojima Productions handed over the reigns of the original Metal Gear Rising, it still looks as insane as ever. This trailer doesn’t differ much from the previous E3 2012 trailer, but it keeps its awesome-appeal and there’s a little dog-fella at the end that’ll make Fable‘s pup whimper.

The release date says February 21 but that’s for the UK. We’ve been told that the US release will be February 19. What do you think about this new Metal Gear game starring Raiden? Will he be whiny or will he be the bad-ass and not so whiny? Let us know in the comments or forums.

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