Rumour: Wii U Release Dates for US and Australia

 Rumour: Wii U Release Dates for US and Australia

Today seems to be the day that the Wii U gets its anonymous release date tips. Reports have come from both GoNintendo and Kotaku AU specifying the release of Nintendo’s new home console in the US and Australia, respectively. The reports suggest that the US will receive the Wii U by November 23rd (Black Friday) whereas Australia will get it on December 6th.

People who remember the Wii’s launch back in 2006 should find that its dates closely resemble┬áthose mentioned above for its next-gen counterpart. With both sites going on to make reports regarding their respective region’s release dates, it’s interesting that both dates practically coincide with 2006’s.

Recently other reports have surfaced regarding the scarcity of Wii U’s launch/system details, pointing out that problems revolving around the manufacturing of Game Pads are to blame.

What say you on the matter? Does this feel right so far, or should we start calling shenanigans? Let us know below or in the fourm.

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