Remember Me Is Capcom’s Newest Game From First-Time Developer Dontnod


Capcom held a press conference to show off its titles that’ll be showing at gamescom this week and we got our first look at a brand-new IP. Remember Me is a first-time effort from developer Dontnod Entertainment. Set in 2084, you play as Nilin, a memory hunter who’s strong but also can erase memories and break into people’s minds to either steal, change or destroy memories. Things take a turn for the worst when her own memory is erased, causing her to discover herself and get her identity back. The action looks somewhat like a third-person brawler Deus Ex with some Devil May Cry elements. It looks like most of what was shown was gameplay but we’ll learn more about that in the future. Look for it May 2013 as more news trickles out…just don’t forget alright? We wouldn’t want your memory getting fuzzy or anything. Check out the trailer below:

What do you think about this new IP from Capcom? Does it feel like Total Recall kind of? Sound off in the comments or forums below.

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