It’s Mann vs Machine in The Lastest Team Fortress 2 Update

 It’s Mann vs Machine in The Lastest Team Fortress 2 Update

Valve hasn’t been shy about adding content to Team Fortress 2, even after the game went free to play. On August 15th they’re releasing an update that will bring one of the biggest changes to the game yet.

Mann vs. Machine will add co-op to the normally team based shooter, as a team of mercenaries (that’d be you) take on a horde of not so friendly robots. Said robots just so happen to be modelled after the classic TF2 classes, they even have some of their abilities. There’s a Scout-like bot who can use baseballs to stun, a bionic sword-wielding Demoman who’ll charge into battle and¬†multiple¬†mechanical Medics who’ll cause trouble by healing their buddies.

In addition to those android versions of the regular TF2 characters there’s a few surprises too, with giant versions of the bots, sentry busters (think deep-sea mine with legs) as well as something else, something big. The mystery opponent is described as “unstoppable, and it probably runs on human blood…because it’s usually covered in it”, so good luck with that!

If you can’t wait to check out the update, then you can get a preview in the rather excellent trailer below. As with all Valve trailers it was made in their own Source Filmmaker, and as usual it’s definitely worth watching.

[youtube id=”C4cfo0f88Ug” width=”620″ height=”360″]

Are you excited for some non-competitive¬†Team Fortress 2? Let us know what you think of this latest update, and if you’ll be checking it out, in the comments below.

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