Indie Royale Gone Fishin’ Bundle is Now Live

 Indie Royale Gone Fishin’ Bundle is Now Live

It’s been a few weeks, which means another Indie Royale bundle is here to offer a pile of games on the cheap. The Gone Fishin’ Bundle offers the usual six titles which can be yours for around $5 depending on the current minimum price, which fluctuates as more bundles are sold.

This time around you get SOL: Exodus, All Zombies Must Die, Cubemen, SQUIDS, Platformance: Castle Pain, and Platformance: Temple Death. Those willing to throw at least $8 toward these indie developers will also get Pocustone, an album from artist Floex, who you may know from the Machinarium soundtrack. Each game comes with codes for both Desura and Steam, or can be directly downloaded from the Indie Royale site.

What do you think of the games bundled this time around? Let us know below, or head over to the Stick Skills forums.

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