Nintendo Rectifies 3DS Top-Screen Scratch Problem With XL

 Nintendo Rectifies 3DS Top-Screen Scratch Problem With XL

Some current 3DS adopters have unfortunately encountered some extreme cosmetic damage to their 3DS units where the top screen receives scratched lines from the bottom screen’s outdented boarder. Carrying the unit in the pocket of some tight jeans, or a bag packed with other objects can create this problem as the clamshell design of the console is pushed together, and causes the screens to rub. Though Nintendo does offer to repair the damage, it’s a nuisance nonetheless.

Thankfully the new 3DS XL’s design supposedly quashes this problem, as YouTube user minterwanny¬†claims in this video. Though the video shows a 3DS XL getting violently closed and rubbed together to attempt to be scratched, as an original 3DS owner who does have a severe case of the top screen scratches myself, I remain skeptical. The scratch problem is one that developed over time and seemingly wasn’t caused over just one incident. We’ll just have to wait and see when the new handheld redesigned is released to the US on the 19th and Australia on the 23rd (it’s currently out in Europe and Japan).

Below are photos of my own 3DS showing its scratches. Though they’re hard to see in the first photo, when place up close or with the 3D effect on, the scratches are much more prevalent.

Does this give you some relief? Let us know below or in our forum.

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