Before The Game Comes Concept Art – Matt Rhodes: Mass Effect

 Before The Game Comes Concept Art – Matt Rhodes: Mass Effect

For fans of beautiful game environments, there isn’t much better than some of the stellar space scenes in Mass Effect. But these locales don’t just create themselves. Long before the game has launched artists have created these places deep inside their minds and then transferred their ideas to paper, well technically their computer. Regardless, concept art is a lot harder to find than fan art due to the ratio of content that is out there. Luckily for us, pretty much every concept artist out there has a portfolio out there, just waiting to be found. This week we take a look at Matt Rhodes, one of the concept artists behind the Mass Effect franchise.

Subject Zero 02

Subject Zero 01

Mass Effect 2: Garrus

Mass Effect 2: Illusive Nebula

Mass Effect 2: Illusive Man

Mass Effect 2: Miranda Lawson

Mass Effect 2: Escape

Mass Effect 2: Wrex

Normandy Silent Running

Rogue Shepard

Taking Back Normandy

Red Hallway

Illusive Office

Presidium Hospital

Crashed on Eden

So many awesome colors in those ones featuring The Illusive Man. Which Jack is your favorite? I personally find myself favoring 01 in the first image or 06 in the second. Share you comments below or in the forums!

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